Thieves Prowling Local Ski Hills

Just a quick post about an article in the Province today, about a spike in ski / snowboard thefts and Seymour and Cypress. You have to feel bad for the guy who had his new $800 board swiped! Lock up your gear if you care about it!!

Louis-Philipe Beauchamp has been carving the local slopes for at least eight years but the young man’s rapture was dampened last Sunday when thieves made off with his locally-crafted prize, a gleaming new $800 Sapient board.

Beauchamp said he went to fill out a police report at the Mount Seymour guest services only to find himself lining up behind other disgruntled snow enthusiasts griping about missing gear.

The 25-year-old Lower Mainland construction worker hadn’t even had time to clock some serious freeriding on his recent acquisition before it vanished.

“I was only gone five minutes and, in that time, three other boards disappeared as well,” a sidelined Beauchamp told me Monday.

“They know exactly what they’re looking for. They must have been waiting and watching.”

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