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Here is a resource page that you can always come to for local outdoor information. A collection of recommended guidebooks, safety info, helpful websites, etc. I’ll add to it as I find more. Enjoy!

Outdoor Safety & Etiquette

Safety first! Check out these pages related to hiking safety and ethics:

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Resources To Help You Prepare For Your Next Hike

Finding out if a particular trail is snow-free, or what shape it may be in, seems to be the holy grail of hiking in Vancouver. There’s seldom a single source of information that will give you a definitive answer. To help, below is a compiled list of resources you can use to gather more intel about your hike.


Social media

You can do a search for the hashtag or geotag of the location on Instagram, and look at some of the recent pictures. People can post old photos, so make sure the photos are current. You can comment on public photos and ask the poster if their photo is recent and how the conditions are.

There are also several hiking groups on Facebook (a few linked below) where people share updates on current trail conditions.

Other trip planning links

More Helpful Links And Websites

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