The Passing of Tim Jones, North Shore Rescue Team Leader

HFRS Long Line Setup

Photo of Tim Jones from NS Rescue Flickr page

It was shocking to wake up this morning to the tragic news of the passing of Tim Jones. Tim was the team leader of North Shore Rescue, and the public face of the organization.

Tim passed suddenly on Mount Seymour on the hike back down from the team’s cabin, late Sunday night on Jan 19. It appears he may have had a heart attack, however that is speculation at this point. Many people came to Tim’s aid with medical attention, however, he did not pull though.

A B.C. Ambulance paramedic by trade, Tim had volunteered with North Shore Rescue since 1987 and has long been the NS Rescue team leader. Among many great accomplishments, he is credited with pioneering “the helicopter rescue long line technique, bringing it to volunteer SAR and making it an accepted rescue tool“.

I never met Tim, but when I would see him on the news, read his comments in newspapers or see him at a SAR fundraiser, he always struck me as someone who was very passionate and dedicated to search and rescue, to saving lives, and he struck me as someone who took his work very seriously. After reading through the outpouring of comments on the NS Rescue Facebook page, it would seem Tim was these things and a lot more. So many people have shared their stories of Tim’s kindness and selfless devotion to his community.

Having been involved in over one-thousand call-outs, no one can know just how many lives Tim has indirectly, and directly, saved. But no one can question the impact he had on the North Shore community, and across Search and Rescue in British Columbia at large.

My thoughts are with Tim’s family, friends, and everyone in the BC Search and Rescue community.

A service in celebration of Tim Jones’ life is being planned for Saturday, January 25th at Centennial Theatre.


Thank you Tim.

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