Top 50 Adventure Books Of All Time

Into The WildIf you’re looking to pick up some new books, NileGuidance: A Travel Blog, has created a list of 50 adventure books they deem worthy of reading: A few examples:

1 ) The Snow Leopard – Peter Mathiessen’s seminal work about a journey of (re)discovery to the remotest Himalayan region of Nepal

2 ) Wind, Sand and Stars – an ode to the golden years of flying and adventure by the author of The Little Prince

3 ) The Long Walk – an epic tale of escape from a Russian prison camp followed by a 2,000 mile walk to freedom (so unbelievable that some have questioned its authenticity)

4 ) Three Cups of Tea – everyone’s favorite book about a climber discovering his true calling by building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan

5 ) No Picnic on Mount Kenya – Italian POW’s reinvigorate their own humanity through adventure

6 ) A Soldier of the Great War – sure it’s fiction, but this story set in the Italian Alps of World War I can’t help but ignite the adventurous spirit within all of us

7 ) Seven Years in Tibet – the book is better than the movie (duh)

8 ) The Climb – get the perspective of one of the real heroes of the 1996 Everest disaster, the late Anatoli Bourkreev

9 ) Into the Wild – while the movie was good, the book was better still. Krakauer weaves in his own personal dramas to add perspective

10 ) The Worst Journey in the World – this polar adventure fulfills the definition of “epic” in every sense of the word

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