Kammok Wallaby Hammock Review


Hammocks are the perfect accessory to bring camping and hiking. They’re versatile, easy to set up and they are the best way to take a rest. The only challenge of hiking with hammocks is the extra weight and the precious space they take up in your backpack. For a small and ultralight hammock that reduces this problem, look no further than the Wallaby Hammock by Kammok.

At only 10oz, the Wallaby makes it an easy decision to throw into your backpack for any outing. The hammock itself rolls up into a self-contained stuff sack that fits in your hand. Whatever straps you use with the hammock will probably end up weighing as much as the hammock itself. But don’t let the light weight fool you – the Wallaby is a sturdy and durable hammock. It is made from 40D Diamond Ripstop and is rated to hold 400 lbs.


For my tests of the Wallaby Hammock I used the Python Straps, also made by Kammok. The nice thing about using the Python Straps is that they are tree-friendly, so there’s no worry about damaging the bark of the trees you are using.

On my first test with the Wallaby, I was able to get the hammock completely set up and adjusted in about 3 minutes. The straps are 10 feet long, allowing you plenty of wiggle room in finding two suitable anchor points. Your anchor points can effectively be 20 feet apart which makes finding you hang location much easier. The Python Straps have 18 adjustments points, so you can easily make little tweaks to get the perfect hang for your hammock.

After extended use, the Wallaby can be hand-washed. With the reinforced stress points and high tensile strength thread, the hammock should last through many years of high use.

As with anything, there are trade-offs. For the Wallaby’s size and weight, you are trading off a bit of spaciousness in the hammock. It’s worth it, as the Wallaby is still plenty comfortable. And given the small size, you’ll be far more likely to bring it out with you on the trail versus other hammocks.

There are many hammocks on the market and each has its own advantage. The Wallaby is the perfect lightweight, no-hassle hammock that will be in my backpack on future day-hikes and backpacking trips.

Learn more about the Wallaby Hammock on the Kammok website.

Wallaby Hammock Technical Specs

Dimensions: 4′ 2″ x 8′ 4″
Total Weight: 10oz / 284g
Fabric: 40D Diamond Ripstop
Stress Points: Reinforced
Max Capacity: 400lbs / 181kg
Gear Loops: 6
Packed Size: 5.5″ x 3.5″
Thread: High Tensile Strength

Python Straps Technical Specs

Combined Length: 20 ft.
Total Weight: 12oz / 340g
Weight Capacity: 500lbs / 227kg
Fabric: Polyester Tubular Webbing
Stitching: Bar-Tack
Attachment Points: 18 Daisy-Chain Points
Thread: High Tensile Strength


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