Cabela’s West Wind™ Dome Tent Review

A good night’s sleep isn’t always easy to come by when camping, but having a nice tent can make a world of difference.

A tent that is spacious, waterproof, durable, and breathes well is important to have. Then you must look at weight, ease of set up, additional features, and of course the cost. There are many tent manufacturers out there, and Cabela’s is one that has a growing reputation for making great tents.

For this review, we tested Cabela’s West Wind™ Dome Tent, which comes in four-, six- and eight-person options. We tested the 4-person model and were impressed. We love this tent as a terrific option for car camping with friends and family.

Cabela's West Wind Dome Tent


There are many things to like about the Cabela’s West Wind Dome tent. But first things first, setting up the tent. Set up was quick and easy. From opening the bag to having the tent completely set up only took about 20 minutes. And this was on our first attempt.

Everything comes in a carry-able compression bag. There are four colour-coded poles which snap into place to support the tent. Then rain fly is also easy to set up, but with the added vestibule takes an extra few minutes to figure out the first time. Lastly, the steel stakes are strong and easy to drive into the ground.

Speaking of the vestibule. The built-in vestibule is a great place to tuck away extra gear, shoes or anything you like. This ensures that they stay dry and accessible without taking up space within the tent itself. It also zips closed for overnight or if it’s raining. The vestibule could also be a great spot for dogs to sleep.

Inside the tent is spacious and comfortable. There is plenty of headroom to sit up and move around, and small children can stand upright. There are mesh pockets on both sides of the tent for storing various gear. Additionally, there are loops throughout the interior and a gear loft, so you’re able to keep gear off the ground, saving room for sleeping bodies.

There are windows on the door and the back side of the tent, to allow cool air to flow through in warm weather. The windows and vents have No-See-Um mesh to keep out little critters.

Another nifty feature of the Cabela’s West Wind Dome tent is the iPad holder, which you can clip within the tent for some nighttime movies. The plastic sleeve is touch-sensitive so there’s no need to take out the iPad to open apps, and so forth.

iPad inside West Wind Tent


It’s hard to find things not to like about this tent. One complaint is that setting up the vestibule requires staking 4 points into the ground before it takes firm shape. This makes the vestibule harder to set up alone and requires you to make sure you have it properly staked for the vestibule door to securely zip shut. But this only adds a few minutes to total setup.

It is also a little heavy. This isn’t a concern for car camping, but it wouldn’t be ideal for backpacking (Cabela’s has a line of backpacking tents also). Part of the added weight comes from the steel stakes. And part of the weight comes from the octagonal design, which creates more space inside. But, some space in the corners goes un-utilized (unless you’re storing gear on the tent floor).

Lastly, the tent does not come with a footprint. Since the floor was a little thin, we’d suggest buying a separate footprint or using a tarp underneath the tent.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Cabela’s West Wind Dome Tent is a great 3-season tent designed to withstand heavy winds and downpours (the material is 100% nylon taffeta with a 1,500mm waterproof rating).

For an affordable price (C$249), the Cabela’s West Wind Dome Tent is a great quality tent, heavy on useful features. It’s the perfect tent for car camping or backyard camping with the family.

The Cabela’s West Wind Dome Tent is also part of Cabela’s Everyday Value product line. These are Cabela’s branded products offering a lifetime guarantee.


Cabela's tent on a campsite

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