Where To Get Your Camp On This Summer

Garibaldi Park

Pull those 3 season tents out of the crawl space and dust them off, camping season is here. Here are some helpful links to help you pick the perfect get away spot.

First, Tracks and Trails has a nice article on free camping in BC. They have a helpful .pdf that lists all the free campsites around BC and an interactive map as well.

Inside Vancouver also recently posted an article on camping near Vancouver and they suggest these popular spots:

* Golden Ears Provincial Park
* Manning Park (Lightening Lake)
* Alice Lake
* Cultus Lake (although can be busy/noisy on weekends)
* Porpoise Bay

MyVancouver on Twitter (of Inside Vancouver) posed the question of “what is your favorite campsite near Vancouver” and received these answers:

@TourismLangley: Derby Reach Regional park for bar fishing or Fort Camping at Brae Island.

@andrewip: Garibaldi Park is pretty awesome for camping with lots to do. Otherwise, Widgeon Creek can’t be beat.

@lilchick: Squamish river valley! It’s off road car camping and it’s wicked. Untamed wilderness for the most part!

@TylerIngram: Gold Creek @ Golden Ears Provincial Park

@karlwoll: Best campsite = Granite Falls. No road access, pristine wilderness and you sleep below a thundering waterfall http://www.outdoorvancouver.ca/featured-kayak-route-indian-arm/

@hummingbird604: For me, camping means a cabin with hot showers, wifi and a warm bed to sleep in.

@TourismSquamish: Favourite camping around Vancouver? Alice Lk for car camping http://www.tourismsquamish.com/attractions/alice-lake-provincial-park and Garibaldi Lk for backcountry

Anyone else have any other hidden gems?

Lastly, Trails.com has a nice list of eco-friendly camping equipment.

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