Where Is The Best Hike In….?

Are you heading somewhere on vacation, wondering what the best hikes are in that area? Besthike.com is a really cool website that lists all the best hikes around the world broken out geographically.


Most are challenging, multi-day adventures. But we also include the very best day hikes: the Tongariro Crossing (New Zealand) & Zion Narrows (USA), for example. We do not (yet) include off-trail scrambles or climbs.

This site helps you get started organizing the trek of a lifetime. The best guidebooks are listed to help you plan. (Be sure to get the most recent edition.)

The website lists out the best hikes by area, and either has their own description and information, or a link to a guidebook/ blog post that does.

For example, for Canada’s West Coast:


It’s a really fun website to poke around and get ideas!

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