Trail Running Run-Down: June 2013

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We are officially into summer now and in peak trail running season. There’s lots on the go this month so let’s jump right into it.

News and Articles from the month:

  1. Ultra competitive: Why the North Shore is a trail-running hotbed.
  2. Canadian Mountain Running Championships 2013 Recap.
  3. Knee Knacker Race Video Trailers.
  4. Squamish resident finishes first at second annual Alice Lake race
  5. Ultrarunner Gary Robbins directs Squamish B.C. race
  6. Tales from the Outdoors featuring Ellie Greenwood

June Race Results:

Vancouver 100 – June 1, North Vancouver. 100km. (RESULTS)
5 Peaks Alice Lakes – June 8, Squamish. 11km Enduro, 6.9km Sport. (RESULTS)
Vancouver Skyline X-country Trail Challenge – June 8, North Van. 25K “Up”, 25K “Down”, 50K “Up and Down” and “Roll Your Own” custom distance. (RESULTS)
Seek the Peak – June 15, North Vancouver. 16km. (RESULTS)
Survival of the Fittest – June 16, Squamish – 13k and 18km options. (RESULTS)
Comfortably Numb – June 23, Whistler. 25km. (RESULTS)
Tenderfoot Boogie – June 29, Squamish. 29km, 50km and 50 miles options. (RESULTS)

Race Reports:

I usually pick a race each month and compile a list of race reports, however, time got the better of me this month. But luckily Train Harder has a nice collection of race reports from 5 Peaks, Alice Lakes.

Races in July!

North Shore Knee Knackering Trail Race – July 13, North Shore. 30miles.
Tynehead Tour – July 14, Surrey. 8 Hours.
Full Monty – July 20, Victoria. 12, 25, 50km options.
5 Peaks, Cypress – July 20, West Vancouver. 6, 12km options.
Mary Leliveld’s Happy Trails Run – July 28, North Vancouver. Lynn Peak hike/run.
Bill’s Great Peak Ascent – July 29, North Vancouver. Various distance options.

Trail Video of the Month:

Over the past four years, Salomon Running has brought us an amazing web-series called Kilian’s Quest, which has followed Kilian Jornet on his mountain running adventures across the world. Through the series, we have been able to get a glimpse into the philosophies of Kilian and other amazing trail runners, but most importantly these videos captured perfectly the beauty of the sport, both in the running and the natural environments through which we were able to follow Kilian. Kilian’s Quest has inspired people the world over, and it is sad to think the series has come to an end.

Although we can’t be too bummed, as I’m sure the entire Summits of my Life series will be just as spectacular.

Kilian talks about Kilian’s Quest, why it’s time to move on and seek new challenges, and shares what he finds “the most memorable aspect..the spirit of human adventure driving the project” – enjoy !

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