Top 10 Most Disgusting Moments From Man Vs. Wild

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5) Eating a rotting sheep eye
–  The worst part was him knifing the eye out, but you can still see him eating the ‘cooked’ eyeball.Episode: Iceland

4) Drinking his own pee – Instead of using his urine to cool his head down, this time Bear takes it a step further. Episode: Kimberly, Australia

3) Drinking the fluid from fresh elephant crap – Because there can be “harmful bacteria in the water”, but apparently that’s not a problem with some fresh elephant dung. Episode: African Savannah

2) Sleeping in a camel – Bear shows us how to gut a camel, what we can drink / eat from the insides, and how you can crawl inside in for protection from sudden sandstorms a la Han Solo sleeping in his two legged thinger in Star Wars.

1) Eating raw goat’s balls – I couldn’t find a good quality clip of this, but you’ll get the point. This one even makes Bear gag.

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  1. joana says:

    I’ve heard that he gave himself an enema with bird crap when he had no water. I believe it would make a new nº1.

  2. Karl Woll says:

    Wow, I think that could make a new # 1 for sure

    I did this post a while back and most of the clips are from seasons 1 and 2, haven’t seen the bird crap enema yet, lol

  3. RC says:

    Yep the enema is by far #1.

    He also ate berries out of bear shit which I think deserves a mention. I can’t remember what episode it was.

  4. Ozz says:

    He ate a goats testicle once in the Sahara desert.
    I find this Bear Grylls advert really funny: