Top 10 Most Disgusting Moments From Man Vs. Wild

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Last summer, on every hike I went on with my friend Jeremy, I had to listen to him talk for hours about “you know what Bear Grylls (the host of Man Vs. Wild) would do in this situation? He’d tie those twigs together, rappel down this 200ft cliff, make a bow and arrow to catch that rabbit and use it as bait to catch a black bear so he could use the bear hide to sleep in….. You know what Bear Grylls did once…?” and so on.  So I finally decided to watch an episode of Man Vs. Wild and quickly became addicted to the show. Bear Grylls does some crazy stuff and seems to have a solution for every imaginable tough spot he comes across (although he has a camera crew and ‘local experts’ helping him behind the scenes to some degree). Having recently finished watching seasons 1 & 2, I thought I’d do a Top Ten list of the grossest moments from those seasons. If you have a weak stomach be forewarned.

Runner Up) Skinning a deer –  Bear skins a rotting deer to for the hide to sleep in, can’t imagine why he complains of a smell. Episode: Scotland highlands

10)  Peeing on his head dressing – While wandering around the desert, its a good idea to keep your skin out of the sun. A head dressing can go a long way to keeping your head cool, but what if its not doing a good enough job? Well, just pee on it of course! Episode: Moab Desert

9) Eating maggots – A hungry Bear G comes across a dead animal that had been killed in a recent avalanche. While eating rotting animal flesh is obviously a dumb idea, eating maggots which are eating the rotting flesh is obviously a great idea as they are packed full of rich nutrients! Just remember to bite the maggot heads off first because “that’s the real nasty bit”. Episode: European Alps

8 ) Drinking yak’s blood – The temperature in Siberia is so cold that not much survives. If you have a pet yak though, you can puncture its neck and drink the blood from time to time. Episode: Siberia

7) Eating a crucifix spider – Not much to say here, I don’t think I would even touch it. Episode: Kimberly, Australia

6) Eating a live frog – It’s not big, but its still alive!

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  1. Ozz says:

    He ate a goats testicle once in the Sahara desert.
    I find this Bear Grylls advert really funny:

  2. RC says:

    Yep the enema is by far #1.

    He also ate berries out of bear shit which I think deserves a mention. I can’t remember what episode it was.

  3. Karl Woll says:

    Wow, I think that could make a new # 1 for sure

    I did this post a while back and most of the clips are from seasons 1 and 2, haven’t seen the bird crap enema yet, lol

  4. joana says:

    I’ve heard that he gave himself an enema with bird crap when he had no water. I believe it would make a new nº1.