The Ups and Downs of Trail Running

I usually post a collection of great videos once a week or so, but just came across a video in my Google Alerts and I had to share. It’s a video made by Andrew Doran Photography about local trail runner Kristie Elliot.

Filmed in Squamish, the production on the video is amazing. As someone who began running in 2010 and has gradually become more and more addicted to trail running the video does a great job of capturing everything I love about the sport. Set Free is the prefect title.

Anyways, here it is:

Set Free – A Trail Running Film from Andrew Doran Photography on Vimeo.

On the other side of the coin, trail running is not always for the faint of heart. Yesterday, local trail running phenom Gary Robbins posted the following heart (and bone)-breaking video on his blog. Just last summer Gary broke the speed records for both the East and West Coast Trails, and gave an interview to Outdoor Vancouver about his feat. Since then, he broke his foot on a trail run and was finally enjoying some recent victories after a very long and painful recovery. Then this happened:

Both these videos are hugely inspiring to me.

The first for showing the beauty and freedom of the sport, and the challenge of pushing your body into new and further distances. “It’s 90% mental” is definitely true and this motivates me to give my first 50km a go sometime this year or next.

The second video is inspiring because not only is Gary freakishly fast going down those switchbacks, but because of his tenacity to push himself. I believe it was only a few months (maybe weeks) since Gary was given the green light from doctors to start running again. As I was reading his blog, I was amazed at how Gary kept a positive outlook (and was honest about times when he wasn’t able to) while being forced to spend time away from something that is very much at the center of his life. To see him just getting back into things and suffer another break is tough to watch.

I wish all the best to Kristie at Leadville, and hope that Gary has a quick recovery. And thanks to both for the inspiration.

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