The Best of Outdoor Vancouver – 2011

Where Do You Sleep?
Photo by AlpineEdge in the Outdoor Vancouver Flickr pool.

Well we did it. We survived another year. I hope you had an awesome 2011 and have many great outdoor adventures planned for 2012.

Thank you for reading this little blog, commenting, and adding your photos to the Flickr pool. Just a little teaser, but I have some big changes coming to the site very soon.

Be sure to check out the Events Calendar to see what great outdoor events are on tap for January, but before you do that here’s a look back at the most popular posts from the year that was.

  1. I put up a winter trail guide for Dog Mountain.
  2. We looked at the downtown bike lane debate.
  3. We looked at an online fitness log, Strands Fitness.
  4. We looked at a cool new website called Peakery.
  5. I posted a new trail guide for Norvan Falls.
  6. We looked at the BC Ultra Trail Running Series.
  7. We learned how to Calculate your Sweat Rate.
  8. I launched the Free Outdoor Vancouver Android App!
  9. We looked at the Ups and Downs of Trail Running.
  10. I did  a trail report on Lynn Peak.
  11. Outdoor Vancouver hosted the June Outdoor Blog Carnival – What makes a great trail?.
  12. We looked at the proposed gondola in Squamish.
  13. We looked at the new Whistler Mountain Bike Trails Database.
  14. We profiled a feature campsite, Golden Ears Provincial Park.
  15. I asked if WiFi at the campground was a good thing.
  16. I added a new resource to the website. A directory of all Outdoor Shops in the Lower Mainland.
  17. We reviewed a great fitness app called MiCoach.
  18. Parks Canada launched greatly revamped avalanche bulletins.
  19. We looked at a Vancouverite’s guide to cycle-commuting in the winter.
  20. OV launched  a G+ page.

Lastly, here are my favorite videos from Pics & Vids of the Week over the last year:

1. Here’s the trailer for my favorite movie of the year – The Art of Flight

2. Can you ever get tired of watching Danny Macaskill do his thing?:

3. Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud

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