UPDATE: #BCHIKECHAT now has it’s own, dedicated website. Check it out here to see the when the next chat is! http://www.bchikechat.com/
Moderated by @outdoorvan and @vancouvertrails, BC Hike Chat (#bchikechat) is a Q&A Twitter chat about hiking in British Columbia held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month at 9 pm PST.

BC Hike Chat is a community for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. This community makes everyone from the newbie hiker to the veteran backcountry trekker feel welcomed.

What is a Twitter chat you ask?

A Twitter chat is simply a group of Twitter users meeting at a pre-determined time to talk about certain topic (like hiking in B.C.!), using a specific hashtag (like #bchikechat!). A moderator (like @outdoorvan and @vancouvertrails) tweets out questions (designated with Q1, Q2, etc) and all the participants respond (using A1, A2, etc). Interaction among the group is encouraged and makes things a lot more fun.

Why should I participate you ask?

Twitter chats are a great way to grow your network, meet some cool new people, and learn something new. By sharing our experiences of the great outdoors of British Columbia we all stand to gain something. You’ll learn about new hikes, places to see, hear some cool stories, discuss cool gear and who knows what else! Try it out and you won’t regret it.

How do I participate you ask?

It’s easy. Join us on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 9 pm PST and follow along the hashtag #bchikechat. When the moderator poses a question in the form of “Q1. What is…“, you just need to reply to the tweet with “A1. I think…“. That’s basically it. You’ll quickly learn the nuances of Twitter chats from there. But there are a few other tips that will help things go smoothly:

  • You can use a few tools like Hootsuite or Tweetchat to make following the hashtag easier
  • Be polite and positive
  • Always include the hashtag #bchikechat in your tweets
  • Reply directly to other chat participants for one-on-one conversations

There’s a detailed breakdown of participating in Twitter chats here: https://blog.bufferapp.com/twitter-chat-101

How can I get notified of upcoming chats you ask?

We got you covered. Just enter your email below to get a reminder a few hours before each chat.