Nude Outdoor “Wreck”reation In Vancouver – Here’s The Skinny

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Photo by TylerIngram on Flickr.

Where to start…

I’ve done a few posts about nude recreation in the past. The first post was when I was doing some research on search engine optimization for this blog and found a site that lists the most popular meta-keywords. A search for “hiking” related keywords produced “nude hiking”. Then same thing happened for biking, and then kayaking… I had to do a double take with nude kayaking…you can see the original post here, an interesting read.

Anyways, I did a subsequent post on a spike in nude hiking taking place in Switzerland that was receiving some press when I noticed that my original post on the “nude keywords”, in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, actually had become one of the most trafficked posts of the blog. You can read my follow up report here.

That post actually received an interesting comment from Keith E., who lives on the Gulf Islands.

I was just watching some topless kayakers and came in and Google’d nude kayaking and canoeing. Lo and behold, up came your site. While you yourself may not be pre-disposed to nude recreation, I can assure you from 50 years experience, yes fifty, that it is extremely popular and growing every year.

Hmmm, could it really be that popular? I hadn’t really noticed anything in my own experience, but then again I don’t actively participate in nude recreation. Maybe it was bigger than I thought….

Tyler Ingram recently found a similar phenomenon on his Flickr photos of some Vancouver bikers participating in the the recent worldwide Naked Bike Ride 2009, and he did a post on howNude Cycling Can Bring In Traffic.

Rebecca Bollwitt has a poll going on her blog about people’s favorite beaches around the Lower Mainland. Spanish Banks, Jericho, Third Beach… which one do you think would come out the clear winner? Well as it stands today, Wreck Beach and Spanish Banks are dueling it out for top spot. Hmmm, a pattern seems to be emerging here….

After Keith’s original comment, we exchanged a few emails, and he kindly agreed to send me an ‘insider’s perspective’ on the local nude outdoor recreation scene. A few weeks went by, and then last week Keith commented on my post about the upcoming Largest Skinny-dip Across America Guinness Book of Records attempt taking place July 11 (yes, you can help break the record for skinny-dipping, read the post for more details :) )

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I see you have been made aware of the upcoming world record attempt (an official Guinness Record attempt no less) regarding the largest number of simultaneous skinnydippers across north America. As you know, the event will be taking place at many different venues, but the places of concern for Vancouverites will be mainly Wreck beach in Vancouver and Crescent Rock beach in south Surrey. The date for this momentous celebration of nude fun will be July 11, 2009, officially at noon.

I have been visiting Wreck beach for better than 50 years now, and I doubt there are too many of us that can say that! Wreck has changed over the years, but one thing that seems to have remained constant is the family friendly atmosphere.

I recall many years ago when 200 or 300 people on the beach at the same time was considered busy. Then the numbers started to climb drastically. A few years back the number 10,000 was reached on a single day – now I hear that is over 14,000! That is bigger than some small towns – think about that for a minute. That’s a whole lot of nude people enjoying themselves.

The wide expanse of sand makes for a good paddling experience for the youngsters and for playing games of all sorts. So for those folks who might like to try the nude experience for perhaps the first time, July 11th might be the perfect day! That, and you might even become part of a world record! How cool would that be?

As an aside to the skinnydipping event, July 14, 2009 is National Nude Day. Do a Google search to see what comes up, you will be surprised!

There is also a World Nude Day, started I believe by folks in New Zealand. This year it was held on February 6th. Not a good weather day for us in Canada!

To add to that, the gardeners of the world were invited to participate in World Naked Gardening Day on May 2nd this year. It’s true! You wouldn’t believe how many people garden naked.

I should also mention the nude beach at Lions Bay. About the only practical way to get there is by boat. It seems the local powers that be have made parking so impossible up there that water is the best way to visit. It has been a number of years since I have been there, but on the day, the beach was quite well populated.

The good weather has brought out all sorts of nude activity over here in the Gulf Islands, even the recent winds don’t seem to have been much of a damper.

So there you have it! There is definitely no shortage of nude outdoor recreation activities available for you to participate in around Metro Vancouver! I had no idea there were half the events/ clubs/ and participants of them as there actually are out there.

And to Keith: thank you very much for info, wish you all the best!


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  1. Holly Andholly says:

    We love Wreck Beach:


  2. Sally says:

    If Wreck beach is too crowded for you then try Vantan on grouse mountain, north van.
    .-= Sally´s last blog .. =-.

  3. candace says:

    You should take Evan and I there :)

  4. VancityAllie says:

    I love Wreck Beach. So much. It’s definitely my favourite beach of ALL the beaches in Vancouver. So clean, and the hike down there… gorgeous!
    .-= VancityAllie´s last blog ..SERIOUSLY, THE BEST NAIL SALON IN VANCOUVER (IN MY OPINION) =-.