My Favorite Spring Gear

Trail de la Sainte Victoire 2011 (371)
photo credit: akunamatata

This is a post for an upcoming Carnival on Pure Outside about everyone’s favorite spring gear. If you’re visiting from Pure Outside, welcome!

So, what is my favorite spring gear? I think if you had asked me this question last year my answer would probably have been different. Last year I probably would have said my hiking boots. The weather is warming up, the snow is melted at lower elevations, and it stays light past 5pm. Spring is definitely a great time to get some lower elevation hikes in. Hikes like the Chief, Quarry Rock and others.

But what about now? What gear can’t I wait to get my hands on? Has to be my trail running shoes.

Last year I really became addicted to running. It started with the random goal of running a marathon. In January 2010 I began running for the first time with the goal of completing the Vancouver Marathon, and by the time May 1 rolled around I was hooked. I signed up for other races. With each successive race, I became more and more hooked on the sport. But it wasn’t until I did my first real trail race (5 Peaks at Mount Seymour) that I became a full-on addict. This year, my 2011 race schedule includes no fewer than 15 races I hope to be able to do. 11 of those are off the pavement.

While I’m still a fairly slow runner, each month my times have been improving. Just last week at 5 Peaks in Golden Ears I managed a 22/100 place finish amongst the men. Last year I likely would have been below the 50th spot.

So, while hiking is what started my love of the outdoors, and my hiking boots were my enabler, I now prefer to throw on my trail running shoes and race up to the peak of any trail as fast as I can. There is a greater sense of freedom when its just you, your shoes, and the trail.

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