Local Nut Job Will Attempt To Break Grouse Grind World Record

Monday, June 22 Sebastian Albrecht (@Salbrecht) will be attempting to break the record for most Grouse Grinds in one day. A record he currently shares with Jason Chong at 12. I repeat, 12! (I did two Grinds in one day recently and was quite proud of myself). Sebastian will be attempting to get 13 Grinds in one day to to take sole claim of the title… and for a good cause. From his blog:

WHAT am I doing on June 22nd, 2009? I plan on attempting to break the record for the most summits of the Grouse Grind in one day. What’s the record now? It’s 12. In one day. That record is currently held by myself and Jason Chong. My hope is to break the record this summer and do 13.

WHY am I doing this? I’m raising money for the Shelter Foundation. This charity is devoted to protecting women and children from domestic abuse. I feel passionately that every one of us should have a safe home that is free of fear, and for that reason I’ve chosen to support the Shelter Foundation.

The Grind is 2.9km long and and has 853 meters of elevation gain. With my superb math skills I have concluded that, if successful, Sebastian will have climbed 37.7km and 11089m in elevation! It’s no small task, so don’t be afraid to donate to the Shelter Foundation on his behalf.

Good Luck!

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