Hiking in Vancouver – Trail Guides and Resources

There is no shortage of wonderful hikes to do around Vancouver. But if you’re hiking in Vancouver, sometimes it’s hard to decide which hike you want to tackle, and to find the best sources of information for that hike, including maps, photos, GPS coordinates, trail conditions, etc.

I wanted to put this page together to aggregate all my personal favorite sources of information you can use to prepare for your next hike in southwest B.C.. To get a complete picture of any single hike, you’ll likely want to verify the information across a few different trip reports/websites/books, but with the sources below should be able to piece together more than enough details for any local hike you may want to tackle.

Online Trail Guides

  • Outdoor Vancouver (This site!) – There is a growing list of about 20 hikes I’ve done and written guides for. Includes pictures, hike specs and some have GPS coord links. 
  • Vancouver Trails – A great site that has a lot of hikes. If I want to tackle a new hike, I usually look here first. Look at the list of hikes, sort by the area you are thinking of hiking in, and then pick the ones in the difficulty/ distance range you think you’re up for.
  • Trail Hunger – Maps, GPS info.
  • Live Trails – User generated updates about trail conditions
  • ClubTread – Online community for sharing trip reports and photos.
  • EveryTrail – Online GPS travel community.

Guide Books

There are plenty more great local guide books in the Hiking section of the Outdoor Vancouver Book Store.

Other Helpful Websites

Of course doing a good ‘ol Google search may yield some trip reports from random blogs and other sources. I also like to do a search on Flickr and YouTube to get a sense of what I can expect from a new hike.

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