Featured Club: Sea Kayak Association of B.C.

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Photo of a lone kayaker in False Creek by ItzaFineDay

The Sea Kayak Association of BC (SKABC) is a great club for sea kayakers in British Columbia who are looking to meet new people, develop skill level, and join on organized trips.

SKABC is a club of independent kayakers who love the adventure of exploring our coastline by kayak. SKABC’s mission is to promote fellowship, safety, the exchange of information and skills, to encourage concern and respect for the environment, and above all to enjoy sea kayaking.

As a volunteer run club, our collective membership focuses on providing its members with trips for all levels of expertise, training to ensure we all have the skills to paddle safely and an appreciation of marine conservation issues.

The club holds monthly meetings in Vancouver to discuss upcoming trips and training sessions, view presentations, learn from speakers and more.

Membership is $45 annually, running from April 1, to March 31 the following year. Membership gets you:

* Single and multi-day trips.
* Beginner to advanced kayaking courses.
* Monthly meetings and other social events throughout the year.
* Newsletter archives.
* Access to the club library and equipment such as VHF radios, a first aid kit, and hydrophones.
* Discounts from selected businesses.

There are currently about 220 club members. If you’re an experienced kayaker or just starting out, it looks like SKABC has something to offer for everyone. If you are interested to learn more, non-members are welcome to their monthly meetings.

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