BC’s Hiking Trail Conditions

Black Tusk

In the latest Wanderung newsletter I found out about a new website, called HIKE101, which provides outdoor courses, as well as a great system of finding current trail conditions from across Canada. Right now, BC has the most indexed trails by far, with 844.

The system is user updated, so as you go out and hike, say the Hollyburn Peak or Grouse Grind, you can go home and post about what the conditions are, how far up the snow is, etc, providing valuable info to others who may want to do that particular hike. The most recent updates get filtered to the top of a rolling list, and you can also search by a specific trail and find the most recent entry for that hike. You can also add photos to the album for particular hikes, or new trails all-together.

It is a good resource to check before heading out on your next hike.

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